Friday, April 11, 2008

Mall-landia - Dasmariñas

Photo taken at 12:09
Here's the thing! I was going to SM Dasma this noon to buy something for Choan's Birthday Party(My Niece Happy Birthday Choan). As I went to the terminal, I catched a glimpse of it. What a coincidence! I Brought my camera I'll feature the Beautiful facade of SM Here. Then as I shot two Snaps on my camera, the guard went whistling and screaming! I Wonder Why? Just to find out that he was heading to me! Waaaah! What did I do! He asked me what was the shots for! I said " Sa Blog ko lang po..." The his faced went from mad to puzzled. He paused for a while thinking I guess what blog is. Then he just said. Just delete it now! So I showed him that I did and went away. Wow! What an extraordinary Experience isn't it? Well, I guess Photo Blogging experience has begun for me this day. Wow! Hahaha So I just went to Robinson to ride the jeepney and tried to take a shot or two of the Robinson's Sign Totem. Well, this is just what I got.

By the way, Dasma is my second home. I go to school there at De La Salle University - Dasmariñas and am loving it! Several Malls are there like SM, Robinson's and Walter Mart. Well, I just hope for the best for that guard and I think his doing his job well! But to be honest, I went ashamed for myself those times earlier. haha

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