Monday, May 12, 2008

Official Car Plate

May 12, 2008

Photo Shot at 16:32

Obviously, the photo is a Car Plate. This is the Official Car Plate here in the Philippines. Although, the old ones are still can be used. The Plate Number (Characters Actually) are composed of a series of three Letters and Three Numbers. The Background is the Philippines National Landmark, The Rizal monument found in the Luneta Park at Manila. The blurb below states "Matatag na Republika" Or in english, strong republic! Yearly, Small stickers are added in the Plate to indicate the renewal of the License.


Jules said...

Interesting Steven - i like how the stickers are put on the plate - ours go on the windscreen.

I'm glad you like my magical island. Sometimes I feel I am a contestant in Survivor though when our phone lines are bad like now!!!

mirage2g said...

Since when has the Republic been 'Matatag?' Hmmm...interesting ;-)