Monday, June 23, 2008

Would you believe?

June 23, 2008

Photo Shot at 14:16

Would you believe that right after the storm that killed a number of more than 800 people yesterday, the sky would look like this? Even these doves are delighted by the clear sky! This was shot from the house beside us. The house is a story higher than us. They have five while we have four floors.

Thank you very much to everyone that prayed for my health on the past few days. It really meant a lot to me since I am already back in shape! Though classes in all levels in Cavite are suspended, the sky is as clear again as ever! I am again asking for your prayers for the family whose love ones past away due to the storm and to the others that are still missing right now.

By I would like to invite you all to visit my other blog's latest post, My Top 10 dream places to visit. I hope you guys enjoy my post and comment on that post if you wish to tell me something. Thank you so much and God BLess us all!

Tomorrow's going to be the feast day of St. John the Baptist so tomorrow will be a very wet day on the streets where children, ages 4 to 60 would be out there throwing, spraying, and splashing water to every people that they see. Luckily for me, it starts at 8 am and my class is 7 am so I would be leaving at 5:30 in the morning. To those that will come to school at 8 am onwards, be sure to bring extra uniforms because you'll never know how worse it could get! God Bless us all and Happy Fiesta!


Hilda said...

Amazing talaga! Pero buti pa kayo walang pasok! Kami meron dahil hindi naman kami nagtuturo eh. ;)

Pagingatang hindi mabasa ang camera mo bukas! Hehehe.

magiceye said...

my prayers for all those who lost their loved ones and best wishes for the survivors to carry on to a speedy recovery to normalcy.

Happy feast to all those celebrating!

> Vanny said...

waaah. bakit kayo wala pasok? sana kame din. haha. :D

anyway. binaha kame. wawa. :(

the donG said...

more survivors found but the number is still too small from the 800+ who are still missing. according to one survivor, most of the passengers are still inside when it capsized.

we really need prayers for those souls, their family and hope for the survivors.

♥katie♥ said...

i woke up this morning at 9
coz of that announcement that
we don't have class and sigh!
the morning was fine with the
sun up high in the sky saying
hi goodmorning with those shinning
rays...but also Thanked God for that
good day but hey seven imagine class
suspended then a fine weather...
hehehe...ayun nagiinarte kasi sana may pasok nalang tayo...

dami ko ng post ulit

TENTAY™ said...

Thank God the sun shined. I need sunshine. It's good to know your ok na. =) Gudluck sa klase mo today! =)

TENTAY™ said...

Hey hey hey, salamat at nagttyaga ka sa mga kadramahan ng life ko!! ingat palagi steven. =) bawal magkasakit!! :P

babooshka said...

It is a very sad situation.We should never underestimate the weather. when I looked at this iage it struck me it could be the uk. Mnay new houses have these type of rooves, tiles and brickwork. Stay safe.