Saturday, October 03, 2009

Despedida de la Fiesta!

October 3, 2009

The Photo was shot yesterday around 15:30

The photo shows a group of ladies dancing the Karakol, a traditional Street Dance offered to the Patron Saint of the town or Barangay. It is the same dance on my Comeback post but this one is for the General Trias Town Fiesta wherein a lot of Dance groups from different parts of Cavite (Especially the upland towns of Indang, Silang and Amadeo) Compete with our resident Karakol Dancers.

Tomorrow will be the General Trias Town Fiesta or the Feast Day of Saint Francis of Assisi, our Patron Saint. Thank you so much for your prayers since the storm did not passed by our region but we are all praying for the people of Northern Luzon.

Happy Fiesta Gentrisenyos! Happy Fiesta to all!

Friday, October 02, 2009

My Skywatch Comeback

October 2, 2009

Shot a few days ago at Sunset.

After my 7-month absence, this is my first ever Skywatch Friday Participation. You can see in the photo is my road home from the university. I shot this using my friend's camera, (THANKS KATHLEEN) while we are on the jeepney. The Burst of the Philippine Sunset just awes me even I see it almost every often when the sky is clear!

Though the country hasn't coped up yet with Typhoon Ondoy(Kestana), a Category 5 Storm named Pepeng is about to enter Philippine Land this evening. I know it sounds very alarming that is why I posted this earlier. I am asking for all your prayers because we will really be needing them. With the gustiness of over 240kph, It sure is the strongest in Centuries! Strong than Milenyo. Please pray for the Philippines and most of all, the Filipinos!

Oh! Currently, the rain is starting! We may be alarmed but we are not afraid because God is with us and all our prayers!

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