Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Path to an Unexpected Paradise

Febraury 23, 2010

While we were on the Rove along the Municipality. My dad suddenly stopped beside the road and said he would be showing me something. A place where he and his friends went camping and chilling during his Teenage days. First I refused because it's all grassy and I am very prone to itch but when I saw this pathway, I got down from the truck and Followed him.

As you can see Tall Bamboo and Wild Banana Trees have been lining along the way towards the 'place' we are going to. It was just at the end of the path, which you can see in this photo, you can have a glimpse of what is in there. I was truly WOWed by what I saw. I never expected to see such a place here in our town. I am sharing the view!

Tomorrow! So Stay tuned and be here Tomorrow and You'll know what I mean.


Vernz said...

seems like there's treasure at the end of this road Steve...


Anything Davao
In This Side of Town

Steven (Cavite DP) said...

There is Vernz :D Especially sa Place dito sa Cavite na super bihira yung mg Nature Nature, jajajajajaja For Sure sa Davao Grabe, Super Nature jan nuh! Naku I really have to visit Davao soon!!!

I'm doing well thank you! Just got home from Makati. Application Exam for AWS Japanese Computer Solutions Firm :D


JM said...

With all this (green) lush no wonder the path leads you to a fantastic place! I'll be 'peeping' tomorrow! :-)

Thank you, Steven, for the kind comment regarding the Madeira tragedy.

Steven (Cavite DP) said...

JM - Thank you so much JM! I'll get ready for my post today :D

You're Welcome. I'm still praying for all the victims :(