Monday, August 02, 2010

Hazy Skies on Farmville

August 2, 2010

Photo shot about a month ago at Ilog Maria Farms, Silang, Cavite

I Love Windmills! This one was shot at Ilog Maria Bee Farms at Silang, Cavite, One of the highland towns in the Province. It was very Hazy that day and on that very moment, the rain is about to start. It has been very rainy this past month here in the Philippines and even a storm came by to whack the Country. It was one of the strongest Storms I experienced though it only lasted for a few hours starting midnight, the winds were really really strong! My Windows kept banging and banging and I can't sleep out of worry. Even my Bamboo garden was not exempted! Though as to every Filipino, these problems are just worth a smile. We are all born with Sunshines on our Lips :)

I would also like to Thank each and every one for all those Wonderful comments on my Latest Theme Day Post Yesterday! I was truly touched by all your kind words and I felt really welcome even if my posting has been on and off! Hope this would mark up a new beginning to a routine of Daily Photo Posting! God Bless us all!

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Theme Day - Bright Colors

August 1, 2010

Photo Taken this morning at General Trias, Cavite

Who says that days can't be Sunny with all the clouds in the sky? Today is a Special Day to one of the Town's Bands and in Celebration of this, most of the Band members' children are the ones parading the whole town! Dressed in their bright, dainty Lemon bright uniform, They painted the Town Yellow!

This is my first Theme day for almost a year now! This might mark my come back to Daily Photo Blogging! I really hope so! God Bless us all!

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