Friday, April 25, 2008

Crops for Summer

Photo Shot at 16:06

Me and my cousin Decided to stroll along the proposed road from the back of General Trias Public Market going to EPZA. As we passed through so many rice fields, there has been lots of spaces. These 'spaces' are out of rice! I once remember when I ask my father, 'Dad? Why are these rice's leaves different'?' Well, of course, I'm still a little duffer before and I never knew that these are Watermelon Plants.

Many of our Farmers, During the seasons of long, dry and very hot summers choose to Plant other crops than rice due to the lack of water for irrigation. No rain means no water. So they try planting other Crops that needs less watering than rice such as Watermelons, Camote and Cantaloupes. That's why whenever we have long dry summers, we see that rice fields become temporary habitats for other crops.

These afternoon, like in the picture, the whole of Cavite experienced a very Cloudy sky but still, the heat is very much at its peak until the end of the afternoon wherein the very much awaited rain suddenly flashed in! Thank you God for the rain.

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