Saturday, June 17, 2017

Pasta con Huevos de Pescao

Pasta con Huevos de Pescao - Asiong's

The richness of fish roe, (Tuna to be exact as I asked Sonny Lua, owner of Asiong's of Cavite), is the star of this dish. There's this hidden sweetness in the saltiness of the roe. Crazy but that sweetness under saltiness does exist, well for me I guess. You would have to mix it very well before you grab a forkful so that you can enjoy the perfect amounts of everything- roe, sauce, herbs - and it will definitely be a delight to your tastebuds! Aside from this preparation, they also serve this dish in spicy and in negra or with black squid ink.

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Asiong's of Cavite
4455 Buenavista Ave., 
Bo. Bucal, Silang, Cavite
Metro Tagaytay, Philippines

for Reservations:
0918 565 2691
(046) 686 1048

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Kim Chiu at SM Bacoor

Kim Chiu, a Filipino-Chinese Actress-Singer went to SM Bacoor at Bacoor, Cavite last May 10, 2015. She serenaded her fans with her new hits and all of them were so happy, including yours truly!

This is my first post after more than 3 years! It's nice to be back to the Blogging World and to Cavite Daily Photo. I am hoping to bring you more sights all around our historic province at the heart of the Philippines.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Spirit Never Ends

December 27, 2011

The Christmas Spirit just never ends on the 25th Day of December especially here in the Philippines. Just like this LED Christmas Tree on Plaza Samonte at Cavite City Proper never fades as it continues to shine bright! The lights are still on, Carols still on the airwaves and the joy in everyone's faces are still aglow anywhere you go.

Christmas in the Philippines is truly the most celebrated and really the longest. Christ does live within all our hearts as we Celebrate and Commemorate his coming 2011 years ago. Merry Christmas Everyone!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

December 24, 2011 - Christmas Eve

This is my Christmas Village at Night. It has just been two years since I started building my annual Christmas Village and my friends and family are delighted by it! This always reminded me of Christmas Eve in movies that I watched when I was younger mostly about Christmas!

Everybody has been busy preparing for their Christmas Celebrations and this is the very last day to do those. But here in the Philippines, Christmas Starts at the night of 24th wherein families start gathering together for their Noche Buena or their Christmas Eve meal.

The Noche Buena is a Christmas Tradition of having a Good Dinner with the whole family wherein the tables are filled with Hams, Cheese, and fruits and everyone has a good time. In lesser fortunate families, even small meals are made festive because the true spirit of the Noche Buena is not the number of foods nor how delicious those are but being with the whole family.

It's sad though that a lot of families have been mourning this Christmas Season due to the Typhoon Sendong that struck Cagayan De Oro and nearby cities of Mindanao in the Southern part of the Country. We are all saddened by the incident and it was heart breaking. But as the true spirit of the Filipino people, they recover fast and in a way, they will still celebrate a happy Christmas because of everybody's helping them rise up.

I would like to take this opportunity to give thanks to all the people and to all the countries who have expressed their deep sympathy to the victims of Sendong Particularly France, Japan, USA and Spain. And to all the CaviteƱos and Filipinos who shared their love through all types of help like monetary, actions and prayers.

Christmas really is a time to give not just gifts but thanks to our Lord who has always been watching and taking care of us! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Lola's Christmas Special - Morcon

December 23, 2011

Each and Every Christmas season, My Grandma, Lola Bebang, prepares and cooks her specialty, the Morcon. Morcon is a Festive Dish only served during Christmas, Fiestas and very special occasions due to its complexity and ingredients. It is made up of long and lean slices of beef rolled with celery, scrambled eggs, liver, sausages, Chorizo de Bilbao, Chinese Chorizo and Pork Fat then tied and cooked for a long period of time.

This has always been a specialty of my Grandma and I cannot argue with it, nor be biased, because I have tasted so many Morcons but my Grandma's THE BEST! 2 Days To Go! Merry Christmas Everyone!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Remembering Mom

November 12, 2011

Every November 1st, Filipino Families flock out to their Family Graves to remember their loved ones and reunite with the whole family in observance of the All Saint's Day. Every Year, I always go to my Grandfather's Grave but this year is a different story.

My Mother died earlier this January 2011. It was a very sad moment for her to leave but in a way it was quite a relief for me as well because I realized that to ask the Lord for more and more years for her to live is very selfish of me because that will mean more years of agony for her through dialysis and all the hurt that her kidney failure is giving her. But of course, I grew close to my mom so I miss her so much! But the fact that she is now with the Lord, free from all sickness and hurt, it does relieve my heart in a way.

I Love you Mommy! I hope you are proud of me! I'll make sure you are and you will be.

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Feast of Saint Jude Thaddeus

October 29, 2011

The annual Saint Jude Thaddeus procession was held last night here at the General Trias Town Proper in commemoration to the feast day of the Disciple Jude Thaddeus. This Statue of Saint Jude is my brother's and every other year, this statue is the one being paraded and venerated along the streets of General Trias.

Saint Jude Thaddeus, as like as other Hispanic countries like those in the Central and South America, is an important patron Saint of the Philippines and is venerated by many Filipinos here and abroad. He is also the Patron of the City of Trece Martirez here in Cavite. He is the Patron of desperate cases and situations.