Sunday, May 18, 2008

Philippine Karakol

May 18, 2008

Photo Shot at 15:32

Karakol: Philippine Street Dance. Karakols are held during town and barangay fiestas here in Cavite and most rural areas in The Philippines. It is said to be done to ask for rain to the Patron Saint of each barangays. The dancers range from little 3 year old kids to senior citizens like there from the photo feature! It is a fun tradition that dates back from the Spanish Colonial Period and is still in practice in the present.

I was about to go on biking this afternoon but due to the Christening of my beautiful niece, I wasn't able to go. But then as the party ended, firecrackers start shooting on the sky indicating the karakol of Barangay 1896 just beside our Barangay.

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  1. Still fascinating even though I haven't seen one in years! A photographer's feast for clicking cameras! ;-)


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