Monday, May 19, 2008

Keeping us Connected

May 19, 2008

Photo Shot 16:40

These Cell Towers or popularly known here in Cavite as Cell Sites are responsible for the Signals for our wireless cellular phones! The Philippines is known as the Texting Capital of the world due to ages 7 to even 70 years old, their phones serve as a necessity for their 'daily' lives. Here at General Trias, we have approximately 5 cell sites serving three major networks Globe, Smart and Sun Cellular.


  1. What would we all do without our mobile (cell) phones?! The world would grind to a halt! I wouldn't be able to check my blog!!

  2. hahaha... yes it keeps us connected. i've been scanning your blog since last night and it's nice.

    i stayed in cavite for two months in 2003 but i didn't had the chance to really visit the other towns.

    this blog shows me places that i never had the chance to see.

  3. I have had laptop troubles for 4 days and it's been a nightmare. This is an excellent b&w study.


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