Monday, May 02, 2011

Lenten Series Part V (Santa Maria Jacobe)

May 2, 2011

Santa Maria Jacobe, or also known as Santa Maria Cleofas and "The Other Mary", is the wife of Cleofas, who is believed to be the brother of Saint Joseph, the father of our Lord Jesus Christ. She is mentioned in the Bible to be present at the Crusifiction of Jesus together with Mary, the Lord's mother and Mary Magdalene.

It is also believed that Maria Jacobe or Maria Cleofas was also present during the morning of Easter at Jesus's Tomb and was the one who brought the spices.

Santa Maria Jacobe was Seventh in the line on the Good Friday Procession. The Statue above is owned by Ma. Dalisay Clamor Pulido of General Trias, Cavite. Personally, this is my Favorite of all the Saints on this year's procession not just because of the beauty of the dress nor the shining Jewels but it stood up because of its Dramatic Lighting that made it Glow like a real apparition.


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    i've been a reader and a fan of this blog for months now and I can see that you can really post updates of about anything from cavite. I've been in cavite for 3 months and I had a great vacation in there. But, how you come I don't see any google ads from your blog? I can clearly see that this is a hobby but if those numbers of visits are real? you should have been earning dollars by now. Don't you like google ads?

  2. Cristina - Hello Cristina! I am so delighted that you are an avid fan of my Blog! Thank you so much! It is my aim to bring Cavite and share it with the world :)

    That's true! People kept on telling me about it until I realized it just weeks ago so I added the Google Adsense below :) But the clicks are not that many still, I guess I should consider placing the add a little higher on the sidebar huh?

    Thank you so much for the concern and your suggestion Cristina! i really hope to see you again on my future posts :)



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