Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Upright! A Century and Beyond

Photo Shot at Exactly 17:17

I Always wanted to feature the Flagpole In front of our Municipal hall, I just can't find a good shot of the Flag and I always end up going to other places! But here it is! The Glory of our Motherland, the Philippine Flag, was made overseas, Hong Kong to be exact, on times of war with Spain lead by Marcela Agoncillio.

But, some of us ussualy disregard the Importance of having a nation with a flag that represents it. Being in-love with geography, You can flash all the Falgs of the world through my face and I'll spill out the name of the country it represents. But for me, everytime I see the Philippine flag, I feel something, deep inside, Pride as a Filipino! A Filipino, best in the world (TRULY, NO BIAS) So we must all be proud of it! God Bless^^

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