Saturday, May 31, 2008

Last Day of Hijas de Maria

May 31, 2008

Photo Shot at 21:11

Well, I'm sure you're all wondering why my post is so late! Right now it's 10:46 in the evening here at The Philippines! It's because I have been to the Town Plaza to celebrate the end of May, end of the Hijas de Maria Celebration! It was fun. Though we hadn't been to the procession, the whole thing was really fun. First there were this things (photo above) where you can see what we call lobo or mini Hot air balloons that fly high to the sky. This tradition brings joy especially to the young persons even me (young at heart, though I'm still 17! 18 in 4 days from now!)

Then right after, the palma was lit! These are fireworks that are placed in large wood brackets so it will look like roman fountains, big bunches of roman torches, that are beautiful to the eye (photo below, sorry the smoke made it hazy). But the only bad thing in these palmas are the very thick smoke that romes around the area where it is up to 20 meters in radius I guess. But the most beautiful part of it is the pinwheel firework on top that spins rapidly showering sparks all over the place neatly.

May 31b, 2008

Then the last attraction was the higante. These higantes, in english, giants, are another type of firework that doesn't fly to the sky. I haven't got a photo of it because all of us are terrified with these monsters! A person wears the thing and when it is lit, it runs around the plaza blowing large streaks of fire, literally, and is really dangerous! But who cares! A little bit of fun won't hurt. It was my first time to experience these higantes up close so it was really fun and terrifying! One kid was even hit by the blowing fire thingys on his back but he was never hurt, I guess.

I also saw a bunch of european tourists on my walk home. It made me realize that YOU, the one reading this, should really come to The Philippines! I recommend it so badly! It's not just the beautiful beaches, delicious food, millions of flora's and fauna, luscious forests and hundreds of years old traditions! Believe me, IT'S MORE THAN THE USUAL!


Hyde DP said...

Sounds like a great celebration.

marley said...

Great post and more so fantastic photos!

Thanks for your kind comment on my post today. I'm glad that you are enjoying CDPB-ing, and I'll keep coming back to check your posts out :)

Ms. Hays said...

I just found your comment on one of my earlier posts and thought I'd drop by to check out your page & to say Thank You for visiting mine!!! I appreciate your comment and hope you stop by again!!!

Thank you!

Cavite Daily Photos said...

Gerald - Yes, It was indeed a great Celebration^^

Marley - Your welcome! Thanks so much for visiting very often!

Ms. Hays - it's my pleasure! I love commenting specially to great Blogs like yours!