Saturday, June 14, 2008

Flash Flood! Is it?

June 14, 2008

Photo Shot at 13:13

Just this afternoon, It rained sooo hard here at General Trias and other parts of Cavite. After a few minutes, The water rose at the sides of the high streets for like 2-3 inches. Is this the so-called flash flood? and in the Photo above, this is shot from the side of our accordion gate. At its end, a hole can be seen that goes straight to the street drainage. And as you see in the close up photo below, you can see that the hole became somewhat of a zen fountain.

June 14, 2008b

Though it is good to look at, we really hate floods because it hardens our cement for sale and then of course, we'll just throw them away, A lot of money will be lost from our business.

By the way, thanks again to my mother's camera phone that I am able to capture this shot! The batteries of my camera are somewhat broken. I think I need to by new ones.


the donG said...

i hate that when it happens.

Hilda said...

Oof, hate that. Happens when the rain's too strong, 'di kaya nung drains.

Kaya rin pala ma-traffic nung isang gabi—binaha ang Katipunan papunta sa ilalim nung flyover.

Hope it didn't last long there.

marley said...

That is a flash flood! It must have rained really hard! Hope it has all drained away now :)

USelaine said...

It sure is flooding! In California and the dry Western states, we use the term "flash flood" for a sudden hard rainstorm that hits dry hills, ridges, or mountains, and the water can't absorb into the ground fast enough. The "runoff" rushes down into the surrounding gullies and canyons like a wall of water, with powerful force. People camping on the ground or in tents sometimes are killed if they don't listen to warnings from rangers or on park signs when that kind of weather threatens.

babooshka said...

These are marvellous shots for a camera phone, and very quick thinking. Flash floods are horrible, fortunately we don't really have them
I hope the losses are'nt to great.

Ms. Hays said...

People have been experiencing flooding everywhere, it seems like! There's a lot of it going on here in the states.

Be careful & take care!