Thursday, June 05, 2008

Road to University

June 5, 2008

Photo Shot months ago

This photo is the road that we pass going to my University, Aguinaldo Highway. By using this road, passing Imus, Cavite, we arrive at school from our house in just 35 minutes. While the other road that I usually pass through because that is the route of jeepneys, is an hour and a half from our house and I ride to Jeepneys. The whole fare is worth 30 pesos. That is like 0.75US$ and another 75 cents going home.

School is on in another weeks time so wish me all the blessing for the coming Semester so that I can ace that Dean's Lister again that I haven't got last Semester because of that Volleyball! Can you believe it, I raised my Calculus and Java Programming inside the 85% or 2.75(4.00 = 100, 1.00 = 60) while that Volleyball, because of my carelessness scored just 2.00. Such a regret but i still have hope this semester! God Bless us all and the students that are preparing for the coming school year! Hopefully, in two years, I can march up the PICC and recieve my Bachelor's Degree Diploma major in Computer Science! So nice to dream of that moment!


Ms. Hays said...

I'm sooo glad they came through for you & you got what you wanted!!! Things usually work out, sometimes they work out in unexpected ways though!!! You take care

BTW - nice picture today! Very pretty!

the donG said...

God bless this coming semester. give your best and that's a good course. demand is so high for IT related course.

Parisian Heart said...

No Friday post -- Everything okay, Steven? I hope you are busy with wonderful things!