Thursday, October 02, 2008

Our Lady of Solitude (Soledad Series - Final Part)

October 2, 2008

This is my favorite shot of all the frames I've got when shooting the Marian Exhibit. In the photo, we can really see that the Virgin mary is very sad and in solitude. But her beauty in here really is seen.

To the people who had appreciated my Soledad Series, Thank you so much and may the blessing of the good Lord be with you always. And thank you to my loyal blogging friends who stood through the times of my absence and understanding. I hope that many viewers will be back in time.


babooshka said...

That's such a striking evocative image. Again it's amazing photograph with the dark backdrop, but the strong clean colours. Never fear, whenever you post I'll be here along with many others.

Rjay said...

wow! that was an amazing photo. oh, and wait! the fiesta is near. haha.

JM said...

Wow! That is very eye-catching photo! Great work, Steven!
Thank you for the comment on my travel blog and wish everything is ok with you at school.
Also liked your lines theme photo very much!
Take care.

.::. Vanny .:. said...

nice. i really love those pix you captured. you got it with heart.

tc steven!