Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lenten Series Part I (Saint Joseph of Arimethea)

April 23, 2011

During the Good Friday, an Annual Procession of Saints are being held on almost all the Towns in Cavite. It is a very extravagant moment for the owners of the Saints because it is the time to expose the beauty of their Saints while reflecting on the passion of Christ.

The first Saint that I will be featuring is Saint Joseph of Arimathea. Saint Joseph of Arimathea according to the Gospels of the New Testament is the man that gave and donated his own tomb which is prepared and cleaned already for the burial of our Lord Jesus Christ when He died. Joseph lives in Arimathea in Judea and he is one fine, wealthy man. When Pilate assured that Jesus is dead, he then purchased fine linen (as shown by the saint's statue above) and went to Golgotha to take the Body of Jesus Christ down from the cross.

The Joseph of Arimathea Statue above is owned by Erick John Tiglao, native of General Trias. It was second in line on the Procession right after the "Death of Jesus Christ on the Cross".

This Lenten Series will feature the whole procession and will run until early May. My Brother bought me a Pro account on Flickr to solve my problem for the limited photos that's why I promised him that I will work harder in posting and deliver you all the freshest photos from Cavite. Thank you all so much for not getting tired and your continuous support to Cavite Daily Photo. God bless us all.

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