Friday, October 21, 2011

Muffins and Donuts

October 21, 2011

I am so into breads like most Filipinos are. We like it sweet and tasty and these are usually part of our snacks because our meals are mostly of rice. These donuts and our own version of the muffin from a local Bakery, the Kababayan, is truly a delicacy because of its sweet and moist texture which is very good especially when hot. But even if it's not, we still love our Kababayan and this will always be a great merienda.


Roberto Machado Alves said...

They seem to be delicious.
Thanks for visiting my blog. You will always be very welcome.


JM said...

Last time I had a donut I got sick! LOL!

Steven (Cavite DP) said...

Roberto - Muy Obrigado Roberto! I Loved your Blog so much! I'll be there!


Steven (Cavite DP) said...

JM - Hahahaha! That's a sad story JM! Hope this one will not make you sick though :) Hahaha


JTG (Misalyn) said...

Nothing beats our very own breads from our local panaderya. I can eat even 10 pcs.of pandesal and donuts in a snack time.

Steven (Cavite DP) said...

Misalyn - I Agree! Bakit ganun kapag sa Bakery binili? Ibang iba kesa sa binibiling breads sa malls? hehehe :)