Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Rain, More, Rain

Photo Taken at 15:21

These Days, How would you dare ask the rain to go away?

I was about to go to Rosario this afternoon to do a shoot there but then, as I saw the skies. I was slightly delighted of it. First, It would rain for sure! and, I can do a good shoot without going far. So as It poured I mean, ravaged at about past 3, I rushed upstairs for my camera and take the shots in front of our Lumber. Luckily, I did a good one! So what do you think? We must thank God for these rains even small amounts, because even these can help lessen the heat from roads and is good for the plants and to all of us also!

Tomorrow, My good friend RJay will be celebrating his 18th Birthday! Happy Birthday RJay! may you have a great day tomorrow! To everyone, Have a great start of May to everyone! To Naiqeños, Happy Naic Day!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Back Again

Photo shot at 14:52

Back again- to the sunny City of Cavite! Well, it was a very hot experience but not as hot since the last time I've been there just this last week! It was quite cloudy when it was about 4 in the afternoon. While I was biking here in town, I even got wet by the rain that suddenly pour while I was on road! It was avery tough day because after our Lumber closed at about 5 pm, We went to SM Dasmariñas to pay some bills!

Back again- to the old times. As you can see in the photo the roads and the schools that lined up where very old times but all I can say is that this picture doesn't even match the feeling whenever I go strolling around the City because everything is old and preserved which make the city a very lovely place to go around!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Cavite Provincial Capitol

Photo Shot at Sunny 11:02

If ever you've read my post yesterday, I told you guys that I'm praying to have a good shot for this day? Well, I did have one! together with my friend RJ and Cousin Judy, we went to Trece Martirez City. It's just beside General Trias but to get there, you need two long uhm, very long jeepney rides to get there because General Trias, as I can say, is the Longest, not the biggest, Town in Cavite Spreading approximately 45 km from end to end. So as we got there, I took shots of the Church, the plaza and the buildings. But then as we continued walking, (belive me, it's very hot those times) We end up being on a carless road. And as we looked to our left, we find our mouths left open in awe.

For a Caviteño that hasn't been to the Provincial Capitol, the thing I described about the mouth thing is what you will feel whenever you've been there for the first time. The surrounding was so clean! It even reminded me about the Blue House in Korea as I have seen it in Korean Dramas. Wow to those Caviteños, and even those who are not, May I mind to tell you to visit there even outside. I know it's not any tourist spot but it is really a wonderful experience being there!

P.S. Just this past week, alot of my contacts have been telling me I take good shots, well you just all don't know how overwhelmed and truly touched I am reading those compliments! So from the bottom of my heart, to all of you guys, I can't think of any other way but shouting a very BIG Thank you very much to all the head-ups and supports! I hope I can continue serving you all with great Photos of Cavite taken Daily, served on the same day! God bLess you all and Thanks again!

Steven Que

Sunday, April 27, 2008

General Mariano Trias

Photo Shot just this 20:16

Just right after attending the final Mass at 8 pm, Me, my Friend RJ and My Cousin Judy, We went to the Munomento of our Municipal hero (Where the name of our Municipality was taken from). It was really hard to take this shot but who knew? I got a good one! And I've noticed the effect my cam did to the flag at the right part of the photo! I just want you all to know more about him. Here's a bit of his life's journey thanks to

"Mariano Trías y Closas (October 12, 1868February 22, 1914) is considered to be the first de facto Philippine Vice President of that revolutionary government established at the Tejeros Convention - an assembly of Philippine revolutionary leaders that elected officials of the revolutionary movement against the colonial government of Spain. When that assembly broke into factions, a truce known as the Pact of Biak na Bato was signed by the group and also recognized the elected officials and Trias as the vice president of Emilio Aguinaldo, who is also considered to be the first President of the Philippines. With the promulgation of the Malolos Constitution by the Malolos Convention, the First Philippine Republic was born. Under this Aguinaldo administration, Trias served in the cabinet as the Minister of War.

The Filipino nation expressed its gratitude to General Trias, when the town of San Francisco de Malabon was renamed after him by virtue of Act No. 2880."

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Beauty Inside and Out - St. Francis of Assisi Parish

Photo Shot at 14:53

Well, I was so sick this morning and my mom always shout at me whenever she sees that I was downstairs so when they went to the Birthday Party at Javalera this afternoon, I went down and called my cousin! We went biking along the Town Proper. I brought my camera and entered the church. Luckily, the mass is not yet starting so I took a shot of the beautiful interior of St. Francis of Assisi Parish. Tomorrow is Sunday so we must go to church and spend even a little time with our family! God Bless you all^^

Friday, April 25, 2008

Crops for Summer

Photo Shot at 16:06

Me and my cousin Decided to stroll along the proposed road from the back of General Trias Public Market going to EPZA. As we passed through so many rice fields, there has been lots of spaces. These 'spaces' are out of rice! I once remember when I ask my father, 'Dad? Why are these rice's leaves different'?' Well, of course, I'm still a little duffer before and I never knew that these are Watermelon Plants.

Many of our Farmers, During the seasons of long, dry and very hot summers choose to Plant other crops than rice due to the lack of water for irrigation. No rain means no water. So they try planting other Crops that needs less watering than rice such as Watermelons, Camote and Cantaloupes. That's why whenever we have long dry summers, we see that rice fields become temporary habitats for other crops.

These afternoon, like in the picture, the whole of Cavite experienced a very Cloudy sky but still, the heat is very much at its peak until the end of the afternoon wherein the very much awaited rain suddenly flashed in! Thank you God for the rain.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Greener than Green - De La Salle University - Dasmariñas

Photo Shot at 09:44

Well, First of all, I dedicate this shot and this Blog entry to my Older Brother Kuya Erson who is reading this post now, Who PM'ed me earlier at YM and he said that he really liked my site and my shots! Kuya, this is for you! We all miss you!

Back to the photo! Of course where else! But in the premises of my Beloved Alma Mater - De La Salle University - Dasmariñas. Located in the heart of Dasmariñas, Cavite. Five Words to describe this Institution, Godly, beautiful, Relaxing, Environmental and of course! FAMOUS! Not just the past alumnus of the school namely Roxanne Guinoo, Mark Herras and the beautiful Marian Rivera. But also it has been home to different Teleseryes, Mostly ABS-CBN, It Might Be You, Ikaw ang lahat sa Akin, Sana Maulit Muli and Most Current shoot Kapitan Boom.

Also, this University really have done lot for my Academic growth as an individual and the wonderful Professors that are always there to encourage me and show that I can really do Big Things I can't even imagine!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tesla Towers? - Aguinaldo Highway

Photo Shot while in the car at 17:37

Such a tiring but very happy day! We've been to my favorite place in the whole Metro Manila! DIVISORIA! And this time I bought so many things! It was fun! back to the picture^^

These are Towering electric line posts that lined up through the slits of Aguinaldo Highway that Stretches from Bacoor, Cavite to as far all the way to Tagaytay City! When I was a child and to be honest, until now, I am so amused just to watch these towering Posts. i think they are so strong to Carry their big weights all the way from the top! And stayed there ever storms are trying to wreck it! That's what we all need, the Philippines need to oust them all! We are the smallest particles of sand that makes up these Sturdy Concrete. Even if we face through so many problems, the good concrete mixture will hold on the each other and help everyone, we will be able to always get through all the hardships in life! god Bless Cavite, God Bless The Philippines

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Upright! A Century and Beyond

Photo Shot at Exactly 17:17

I Always wanted to feature the Flagpole In front of our Municipal hall, I just can't find a good shot of the Flag and I always end up going to other places! But here it is! The Glory of our Motherland, the Philippine Flag, was made overseas, Hong Kong to be exact, on times of war with Spain lead by Marcela Agoncillio.

But, some of us ussualy disregard the Importance of having a nation with a flag that represents it. Being in-love with geography, You can flash all the Falgs of the world through my face and I'll spill out the name of the country it represents. But for me, everytime I see the Philippine flag, I feel something, deep inside, Pride as a Filipino! A Filipino, best in the world (TRULY, NO BIAS) So we must all be proud of it! God Bless^^

Monday, April 21, 2008

Megastar Ferry (Cavite City)

Photo Fresh and Hot at 14:10
Well, The Title Tells is all! this photo show the terminal of Megastar Ferry that services Cavite City Hall - Mall of Asia. Wait! The shipwreck is not the ferry by the way! For just 60 pesos and sparing just 30 minutes, you can do your shopping spree all the way and get back for just another 30 minutes! Isn't that great! By the way, thanks to the people at the city hall they are so welcoming and even insisted to give us a schedule for the trips daily. They really are good promoters.
NCO (Naic Cavite Online) My friend here at Multiply and my mentor, Thank you so much for your advice about the photos! I really appreciate your advice about my pixelized photos. And because of that, I signed up for flickr and upload my daily photo there and just link it here. I think it became a lot better than my last posts. thanks again NCO!
To everyone, if you guys wish to see the rest of my shots in Cavite City, just click on this link: Cavite City Shots by sevenque Thanks and God Bless you all!
P.S. Comments please! Thank you^^

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Milenyo Effect

Photo Taken at 09:46

Well, as you can see, This old house has not just been torn from its roof and is not in the right angle! Here's the twist, that shot was never slanted! The house IS Slanted. Effect of Millenyo, the storm last 2006 that really took its toll here in our province Cavite. This house is located just beside my friend, Rjay's house. That part of the house is still used as their kitchen. Well I just can't imagine if their foods are still served nicely if the kitchen is like that! I just pray that they will be able to get through and fix that problem because that is no joke.

PS. Thanks to my College Classmate Ate Rox for posting her version of CDP Logo(The one I use now) I never knew that she is going to do such so I was really shocked and delighted when I saw it! Thanks Ate Rox! I like it so much.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Photo Shot at 17:54

Well I saw the sunset and it was so beautiful! So i decided to go upstairs to our rooftop and take a shoot of it! Well, I really like going to our rooftop! It's so peaceful and Calm and you can do lot of things! While I was shooting, my mom went there too to gather up and harvest the Sampaguita on the shrubs!

Well, the photo above is a mango sprout or flower under the sunset sky! Why is the Title Beginnings? First of all its about the mango sprout! Beginning a journey of fruitfulness. And, Let me share you what I have read once on an Internet Site: "Sunsets are not endings. If you have enough faith they are beginnings" Well it's very inspiring indeed! If you believe that there is still tomorrow, Sunset's are just beginnings for a new Day ahead! God Bless all of you and Have a wonderful Sunday tomorrow!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Mall-landia - Dasmariñas

Photo taken at 12:09
Here's the thing! I was going to SM Dasma this noon to buy something for Choan's Birthday Party(My Niece Happy Birthday Choan). As I went to the terminal, I catched a glimpse of it. What a coincidence! I Brought my camera I'll feature the Beautiful facade of SM Here. Then as I shot two Snaps on my camera, the guard went whistling and screaming! I Wonder Why? Just to find out that he was heading to me! Waaaah! What did I do! He asked me what was the shots for! I said " Sa Blog ko lang po..." The his faced went from mad to puzzled. He paused for a while thinking I guess what blog is. Then he just said. Just delete it now! So I showed him that I did and went away. Wow! What an extraordinary Experience isn't it? Well, I guess Photo Blogging experience has begun for me this day. Wow! Hahaha So I just went to Robinson to ride the jeepney and tried to take a shot or two of the Robinson's Sign Totem. Well, this is just what I got.

By the way, Dasma is my second home. I go to school there at De La Salle University - Dasmariñas and am loving it! Several Malls are there like SM, Robinson's and Walter Mart. Well, I just hope for the best for that guard and I think his doing his job well! But to be honest, I went ashamed for myself those times earlier. haha

Thursday, April 10, 2008

City in Between - Trece Martirez City

Phot Shot at 15:48

Trece Martirez! The City between the mountainous regions of the highland Cavite and the suburban Lowlands! Why was I here? Of course! Thursday is St. Jude Day! My mom and Dad are having the Weekly Novena there and right now is their 6th Week. Though we may say that Trece is not that Big and Populous but why is it the Capital of Cavite? well, the answer is, I think, Because it is in the middle! Well I hope I got it right.

Also, trece is one Clean City! I was awed by its cleanliness and organization! In front of the city hall, just beside St. Jude Parish, Sampaguita bushes are in growth because Trece is also named as City of Sampaguita! Well, I love Sampaguita! Its pristine sweet scent and is really fragrant! To those that don't know what Sampaguita is, it is the National Flower of teh Philippines and it is commonly known in English as Jasmine! I just can'tr find any reason not to LOVE Cavite!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

City on the Edge - Cavite City

Photo Shot at 13:26

As I woke up this morning, I thought to myself, what will be my next entry to this Blog? Then my father asked me as I went down to go to our Lumber downstairs, If ever I want to join him on delivering white Sand to Cavite City! Of course! I was so Delighted because unexpectedly, I could have a shot in there! So I rushed upstairs for my camera and went with him to Cavite City. By the way, my grandma owns a Lumber/Hardware Store here in Gen. trias which is now more than four decades and running! Our Driver went home to Bacolod sio my father temporarily is the Delivery Man.

The photo was shot just near the Church in San Roque, Cavite. I was blown away by its beauty. I asked my father about the building. He said that it is the Rojas Clinic. It has been there years ago and he also told me that when he was still going to College in SSC-R, The Upper Floor of this Clinic was once a busy Disco Bar. Today is also Araw ng Kagitingan! So let us pray for the heroes that risked their lives just to give us identity as FREE Filipinos!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A Town-ful of History

General Trias, Cavite. Covering about 104 sq. km, it is the third largest Municipality in Cavite, bordered by many towns such as Indang, Dasmariñas, Noveleta, Kawit, Tanza, Rosario, Imus, Amadeo and Trece Martirez City The town full of historical Content! From having the First Vice President of the Republic of the Philippines, to the Place where the National Anthem Lupang Hinirang was first played by the resident band, Banda Matanda. And of course, where I grew and lived all my life!

Photo was Taken on-site at the General Trias Town Plaza at exactly 16:25.