Thursday, April 10, 2008

City in Between - Trece Martirez City

Phot Shot at 15:48

Trece Martirez! The City between the mountainous regions of the highland Cavite and the suburban Lowlands! Why was I here? Of course! Thursday is St. Jude Day! My mom and Dad are having the Weekly Novena there and right now is their 6th Week. Though we may say that Trece is not that Big and Populous but why is it the Capital of Cavite? well, the answer is, I think, Because it is in the middle! Well I hope I got it right.

Also, trece is one Clean City! I was awed by its cleanliness and organization! In front of the city hall, just beside St. Jude Parish, Sampaguita bushes are in growth because Trece is also named as City of Sampaguita! Well, I love Sampaguita! Its pristine sweet scent and is really fragrant! To those that don't know what Sampaguita is, it is the National Flower of teh Philippines and it is commonly known in English as Jasmine! I just can'tr find any reason not to LOVE Cavite!

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Anonymous said...

1967 when my family pass by trece we saw fields and a hometown bakery that cooks outstanding pandesal' i wonder if that bakery is still there.