Monday, April 21, 2008

Megastar Ferry (Cavite City)

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Well, The Title Tells is all! this photo show the terminal of Megastar Ferry that services Cavite City Hall - Mall of Asia. Wait! The shipwreck is not the ferry by the way! For just 60 pesos and sparing just 30 minutes, you can do your shopping spree all the way and get back for just another 30 minutes! Isn't that great! By the way, thanks to the people at the city hall they are so welcoming and even insisted to give us a schedule for the trips daily. They really are good promoters.
NCO (Naic Cavite Online) My friend here at Multiply and my mentor, Thank you so much for your advice about the photos! I really appreciate your advice about my pixelized photos. And because of that, I signed up for flickr and upload my daily photo there and just link it here. I think it became a lot better than my last posts. thanks again NCO!
To everyone, if you guys wish to see the rest of my shots in Cavite City, just click on this link: Cavite City Shots by sevenque Thanks and God Bless you all!
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