Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Rain, More, Rain

Photo Taken at 15:21

These Days, How would you dare ask the rain to go away?

I was about to go to Rosario this afternoon to do a shoot there but then, as I saw the skies. I was slightly delighted of it. First, It would rain for sure! and, I can do a good shoot without going far. So as It poured I mean, ravaged at about past 3, I rushed upstairs for my camera and take the shots in front of our Lumber. Luckily, I did a good one! So what do you think? We must thank God for these rains even small amounts, because even these can help lessen the heat from roads and is good for the plants and to all of us also!

Tomorrow, My good friend RJay will be celebrating his 18th Birthday! Happy Birthday RJay! may you have a great day tomorrow! To everyone, Have a great start of May to everyone! To Naiqeños, Happy Naic Day!

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babooshka said...

Rain is not that easy to photograph, so you did well on this. It looks like quite a downpoor. Alway good to see the not so pretty as well as the pretty side of places.