Monday, May 26, 2008

50th Post!!!

May 26, 2008

Photo Shot at 15:32

This is the Municipal Hall of General Trias. Perhaps one of the biggest throughout Cavite. It was built on the old market's lot that was remade on a place just near there. Finished at 2004 between the reign of our very great and responsible mayors CampaƱa and Ferrer. I've only been once inside it just last year as I applied for a new passport and It was still as good as new!

By the way guys, I think I'll take my very first break in a couple of days starting tomorrow if ever we will be having a trip for my father's birthday. My mom and Dad usually celebrates on Baguio, Bicol, somewhere far but land-accesible. But it's not yet 100% sure so, if ever I'll not having a post tomorrow, I'm probably having a good time wherever we are going. My mom doesn't tell me where it is as usual!

But I am happy I got this 50th post. like I've reached, this day, my golden Dayserry! Whatever you like to call it! I'm so proud I got this far and hopefully forever! Thanks to all the people that are with me through this journey! To my Multiply and Blogger friends and of course to all the City Daily Photo Team! You've given me such an honor with this blog! Thank you so much! God Bless us all!


Jilly said...

Congratulations! Keep it up. it's a big challenge but really worth it.

babooshka said...

Congrats on your 50. You have had some very interesting images and varied posts.