Saturday, May 24, 2008

Coastal Sunset

May 24, 2008

Photo Shot at 18:14

As we went home from Divisoria, Manila, I ask my Dad whether we could stop for a while at Coastal Road so I can take a good shot at the sea. He did. This is by the way the Cavite Part of the Expressway. You can see here the Manila Bay. Manila Bay is famous for their stunning view of the sunset especially when you are in the Manila Area. Of course I can't shoot from there, that's out of my radius! jaja

Manila Bay stretches from us, Cavite to the Western Part of Manila, Bulacan and the Eastern Part of Bataan Province. The bay stretches out and its mouth opens to the South China Sea. Many people depend on the Bay but sad to say, a lot of them also are the main causes of its destruction. Luckily, Mangrove Planting has been done earlier this Century to save it. I just hope not just the Government would be responsible for this but the people as well! Let's do our own little thing so that this world can be a better place!

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