Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Sweetie Sally

May 13, 2008

Photo Taken at 17:06

This was a hard shot because Sally moves a lot! Isn't she lovely?

Sally is one of our Pet Dogs. Actually we have four! Sally is a mixture(According to the breeder) of Japanese Spitz and Pomeranian. I don't know but doesn't she look like an American Eskimo! Anyway, we bought her when she was a puppy last July 2001! That means in two months time, she will be celebrating her 7th year (49 in dog years as they say) being with us here!

She loves to bark all the time! We even bought a strap for her mouth to stop her from barking but the thing lost it's identity the next day! We don't know how she got rid of it! Even flying leaves, she would bark on it! One of the pranks that I usually do to her is whenever I play the Cat's mewing sound and she starts acting gaga! My brother once fooled me when I went home from the University just this past Semester while we are in the restaurant . He told me slowly that Sally ran away and never got back home! I cried while we were in the resto but then as we went home, I saw her there barking as usual in her cage! Isn't that a shameful thing I just did with all other people looking at me? That's how I love my cute Sally-oh!


Janay Casmine said...

the teeth is kinda yellow.

marley said...

What a cutie!

babooshka said...

Ah that's ac ute dog, so lively

Cavite Daily Photos said...

jajajaja thank you all for the compliments! She really is a cutie! And very sweet. yah sorry for the teeth^^