Thursday, May 29, 2008

Philippine Street Foods

May 29, 2008

Photo Shot at 17:16

These are the most famous and now, also introduced and enhanced on multi-star hotels and dining establishments, Street Foods. They are mostly called dirty foods but I do agree with some friends here that these should not be called dirty because they really are not. Street foods are much much more appropriate.

On the top layer, these are spring rolls/egg rolls. deep fried rolls of bean sprouts and various veggies rolled into bitable pieces. Many Caviteños like it drizzled with suka or vinegar. These are commonly called in Filipino lumpia. On the leftmost bowl, you can see a mixture of fish balls (white) and chicken balls. Fish balls are sold throughout Cavite half of a peso. This is actually the most common street food because of its price mainly and its taste when you dip them to sauces sweet, sour or spicy.

On the next bowl, you can see kikiam and fish nuggets. Kikiam are nuggets made of pork and fish that are also deep fried and dipped or as I may say dumped into sauces that are also for fish balls. This is my least favorite. I really don't like it.

I am more likely to eating fish nuggets but when I was in high school, I got attached to it. I've been eating it on the way home for school for a week straight. then suddenly, I encountered diarrhea. I don't blame it to anything because for me, diarrhea has been like a habit until now. But my mom has been shouting and screaming at me because she said it's my fault for eating these little delights. She even scared me that these are made from sharks. Instead of being frightened, I even thought that if ever these are sharks, I said "Well, sharks do taste good". But then my love for sharks and other creatures stopped me for eating such. But I know it's just a joke!

Lastly, everyone's favorite! Banana-que! From the word, Barbeque! These are bananas of the saba type that deep fried in oil mixed with brown sugar and comes up to this beautiful heavenly kebabs! If ever you're going to have a trip to Cavite or the PHilippines in General, never fly back without tasting even a bit of these many heavens!


Anonymous said...

Wow. This looks good enough to eat and I agree it should be called something like street foods but not dirty.

babooshka said...

Street food is a much prefered term and far more enticing than dirty foods. Very ineresting in depth post. Some of those items like spring rolls are familiar to me, and others not so. Thank you by the way for your last comments. You too have a great blog that I hope will be viewed by many.

marley said...

Delicious! It all lokks so yummy! Great post today :)

the donG said...

in this set, lumpia or fried rolls are my favorite. i don't know if you tried eating ngoyong. it's a chinese lumpia that has a weird ingredient with a spicy sauce. as far as i know, it can only be found in cebu.

Hilda said...

Hi, Seven. Yes, it's me Happy, but using my real name here in Blogger. =)

Sorry I wasn't able to tell you before you saw this. Nagka-leche leche kasi nung first week dahil sa pagka-ulyanin ko—maling email ang nasulat ko so I couldn't verify. By the time naayos namin ni Eric (Paris), I had to leave for the weekend for a workshop. Where I got sick, thank you very much, so when I got home yesterday, I just slept—for 15 hours straight! Just got up, in fact, but will be sleeping again after this.

Thanks for the welcome! Love your shot of your lola, by the way. And such a sweet write-up. But I decided to write my comment here in the street food—more me, if you know what I mean. See ya!