Monday, June 09, 2008

Back Again

June 9, 2008

Photo Shot in 35 degrees Celsius weather at 16:01

Tomorrow, 20,000,000 elementary and high school student will be back to their schools throughout the Philippines. The photo above was shot at General Trias Memorial Elementary School (GTMES). The newly painted Pedestrian Lane will help the students pass the street safely to the School's main gate. You can also see one of the many Philippine Flags that are on the school's fences to commemorate the 110th Philippine Independence Day on June 12th. While the line of banderitas or small flaglets are on hang to celebrate the Feast day of St. John the Baptist on the 24th of June. The Celebration is a very fun one but not for students like us because if classes are before 10 am, we could end up drenched and wet because people are watering everyone!

The start of my Third College Year will be on Wednesday! Wish me all the Luck and blessings in the world so that I might get that Scholarship! I hope I can continue this daily posting even the classes are already on.

By the way, I want to throw everyone my deepest apology for the last three post-less days I've had! I really am sorry. Something just happened with me and my brother which ended up prohibiting me to use his computer. By right now, He already allows me and I am truly touched by the concern he is showing for my Blog! So now I'm back! I hope you'll still support me and Thanks so much for those who have greeted me on my Birthday and those comments that are there even I was not around. Thank you so much to everyone and God Bless us all! I hope you guys would accept my apology.


Hilda said...

Welcome back, Steven! I was wondering where you'd gotten yourself into—thought you might have been too busy preparing for classes. Good luck with the new school year! Keep on blogging, but studies first, okay?


marley said...

Glad to see you back! Nice photo, though I bet all those kids are sad about going back to school!

babooshka said...

Welcome back. You have to change your profile now to I am 18. Those of us with laptops and broadband connections at our fingertips often take this for granted. I hope all is well with you. I told you others would enjoy your blog.

Hope 18 will be a good year for you.

Fabrizio - ikol22 said...

Wednesday? Oh well I think oto be in time to wish you all luck you deserve Steven !!!!

the donG said...

that's great! i thought you went somewhere. it's good to know that you're back.

good luck on your studies and i think it's a challenge to make a daily post with studies coming in! but im sure you can make it and don't pressure your self on posting.