Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kans Grass

June 17, 2008

Photo Shot at 14:08

On my way home from the University, I passed through these grassy fields and saw talahib grass living their life! Also called kans grass that are native to South Asia, the photo above are just the short species. because usually, these grass grows up to three meters in height. The flowers are usually white in color and when it is windy in the months of August - September, these flowers blow with the wind. Most of them fly to far distances. Children, even me, believes that if ever you got to catch these in your hands, you can make a wish and blow it back to the wind.

During the moths of August to September wherein the fields in Langkaan, Dasmariñas are full of these grasses. When their flowers reflect on the pink sunset, you can just look at them, sigh and say "How wonderful God really is!".

Before I forget, I'm sorry to those people that felt gross to my last post. my deepest Apologies.


Hilda said...

No need to apologize, Steven. ;-)

And this is a beautiful shot! I haven't seen talahib in years! Wala na masyadong empty lots at big fields malapit sa amin.

> Vanny said...

aww. dami nito sa province. namiss ko 2loy umuwi sa amin eh.. d2 sa mnila puro usok lang makikita mo eh..

nice shot huh. ;)


the donG said...

i like to see those little white flowers fly but not when they start accumulating and enters our house. lol.

> Vanny said...

nilink po kita sa blog ko. so i can visit you again.

tahnks sa pagvisit sa blog ko! =)

Cavite Daily Photos said...

hilda - ohhh i see. ang ganda talaga pag puno ng blossoms yung grass fields^^

the dong - jaja oo nga po. hirap linisin. pag winawalis, lumilipad jejeje

>vanny< - really! Thanks! I really appreciate that! ako, saulo ko na url mo. madali lang tandaan^^

Louis la Vache said...

Over at San Francisco Bay Daily Photo, instead of grass, we have Visions of Hell.

Jez said...

nice one.

Layrayski said...

Nice. I didn't know there is a superstition/belief about a grass. kinda like a falling star, isn't it? :)

Anonymous said...

I love this shot of talahib! I'm doing a project where I could use your photos! I would give you credit! If you're interested let me know. It is a theatre piece about the PI. I want to use images such as these for the multi-media aspect of my show.

Anonymous said...

what is the use of talahib?