Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tired of the Weather

June 18, 2008

Photo Shot at 12:41

Well, the first photo features one of the avenues inside my University. This is not my favorite avenue because unlike other roads, this is not foliage by trees. This was shot while I was walking out the school going home. I think the temperature was more than 35 celsius because the heat was like spanking my face. I thought I was gonna pass out with the heat and I haven't eaten breakfast and it was like mid-noon.

June 18b, 2008

Photo Shot at 16:05

Would you believe that after three hours of heat, after my short snooze, a very strong downpour came. This heat - storm weather have been roaming Cavite for like three days already. I just hope that in the coming days, It will just be consistent sunny or consistent rainy because the ever changing weather harms us so much even me who feels very sick and ill.

But thanks to Dad that I have had a Flu vaccine just this early evening by my cousin Dr. Eriel Lopez. Thanks so much. Tomorrow again is the curse day! 7 am to 7 pm schedule. I think I'll be off tomorrow but please leave those wonderful comments so that you can make my day! God Bless us all!


  1. We're so near each other our weather's the same. Nakakapagod nga yung sobrang init tapos sobrang lakas ng ulan. Happened again yesterday too so late na naman kaming umuwi.

    Try to get some good rest tonight!

  2. Two such very different views in the space of a few hours. Mother nature is the best phototgrapher.

  3. Hello napadaan lamang po. sana'y gumaling kana. and ang gaganda ngpictures. hope we could be friends and visit my blog too =)

  4. ganda naman ng street. kaya lang mahirap pag walang pathway kasi nga mainit.

  5. now im leaving a wonderful comment. haha

    enihow. gnyan na nga weather ngayon. super init tpos bigla uulan. asar. magkakasakit nga tayo nyan.. :(

  6. Hey hey steven. thanks for the message and for appreciating my posts. =) kaya lang i feel im sounding like a broken record. hope you'll get well ulit.

    anyways, drink Fern-C it's vitamin C, and its super galing. pag feeling ko magkakasakit na ko, i just take it and di tutuloy, esp non nasa baguio kami last year, 9degrees!! imagine,, and hindi ako nagkasipon kahit sneeze na ko ng sneeze.. =) wala lang concerned lang. hehehehe

    tnx ulit =) ex linx? i'll put ur link sa blog ko!! =))


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