Sunday, August 31, 2008


August 31, 2008

Photo Shot months ago

I've been waiting for this moment to feature my favorite shot of all time! I think this photo is so beautiful. After I got this shot, I nearly cried because I can't believe I did this shot! I do hope everyone feels the same way as I first saw this photo on my Computer to have a larger view! Oh m! The rain is pouring outside! Tomorrow's going to be a new week for all of us! God bless us all and Mabuhay from the Philippines!

By the way, I would like to offer this photo to those kind people who left a comment on my come-back post! It was truly touching to see all of your kind words and praises even after a month long of absence. It has truly moved my heart! And not just those words but the fact that most of my friends are still there and waited for my return! Thanks to everyone around the world! And to my new visits, it is truly amazing to see your comments!

Tomorrow is September first! First day of the month, First day of the Last quarter and the First day of the Christmas Season here in the Philippines! My iPod is even stuffed with Christmas songs in advance but I haven't listened to them yet till tomorrow! And of course, It's going to be theme day! I have listed myself too and I hope you would await my post for tomorrow! I asked my brother in the USA for some help and I hope it would be a blast!

Friday, August 29, 2008

After a long Time

August 29, 2008

Photo Shot at 18:17

Well after a very long period without news from Cavite, again, I'm back! Well, our Midterm Examinations just ended with a mind bombarding Physics Exam! It was nerve-wracking, literally, as headache smashed my head on my way home! But hey, I got a beautiful shot of the sunset while I was on the jeep! I'm sorrry if I redone this shot. I did this already, but not the same photo of course, months ago. It's just that I really like the sunset this early and it's Skywatch Friday!

You can check out other Skywatch from around the world on this very friday by clicking this link : I hope you guys enjoy it and I wish everyone a happy Weekend! And Hi to all my loving visitors that were there, hoping and waiting for my return! School's going to be a bit loose these days so I'll be here for long I guess. I don't want to spoil this opportunity of bringing my Province to the world! God Bless us all!