Monday, October 06, 2008

The day after the Fiesta

Okay my friends, here are the photos that I promised you yesterday! Sorry to keep you waiting but It was really late last night. By the way, to those that prayed for my exams earlier, thanks, It went well. One down, Six to go! Ok, the photos, here they are!


Our Lady of the Angels - One of the few Saints that participated in the Fiesta Procession.


Sta. Clara, one of the saints that were St. Francis' Friend during his Assisi times.


The Banda Kabataan Brass band or The youth Band. This is one of the best brass bands on General Trias and caters to most Processions, Celebrations and even Funerals. In front is the carriage of Saint Francis of Assisi


The Happy vendors selling ladies underwear that are happy to see the procession that went around the Town Proper.

By the way, I would like to say sorry to people in U.A.E. if ever you can't see the photos here in Cavite Daily Photo because I chose to use flickr to cater my photos that are used in this blog. God BLess us all and I have no exam schedule for tomorrow so, I'm free^^


Hilda said...

Cool! I didn't know that Sta. Clara and St. Francis were for-real friends. Fun!

About what you wrote me:
Let me take a peek in Multiply tomorrow. I need to see exactly what this guy's saying before I react. Maybe he's just one of those OC ones in Multiply who like seeing photos in albums and not blog posts. Or maybe, as you guessed, he really just can't see the image.

In the meantime, don't let him get to you, especially now that you're in the middle of exams! And just because you don't have an exam tomorrow doesn't mean you're free yet — study! :D

Stay cool, Seven. I'm hoping that it's just a misunderstanding.

babooshka said...

Again scuh excellent images under such harsh ligtening. Glad the exams went well. Interesting narrative aswell. You are an expert vitual tourist guide.

Mo said...

Hope the next 5 exams go well. Enjoy your small break between them.Lovely photos today.

hadeveyra said...

I read your comment at Hilda's site. Negative comments from readers are common to bloggers. You have two options: Ignore the comments and leave them there (shows you're not biased), or delete them. It's your site after all. Important thing is, you keep on doing what you're doing :-)

marley said...

Great selection of photos! Enjoy your free day :)

JM said...

Great pictures as usual, but the one of the faƧade of your parish (with lines of banderitas) is my favorite! Fantastic shot!!!
Glad to know your exams went well.

orisau said...

wow the saleslady looks like ate baby