Saturday, October 04, 2008

Viva San Francisco de Asis!


Photo Shot at 12:14 under the noontime heat!

Well, today is the Town Fiesta of my Beloved town, General Trias, Cavite. It was a fun fiesta but most of the happenings will be happening tomorrow including the procession of the saints around the town proper. Many people visit houses. Especially friends and family members from other towns and places. Like me, I invited some of my high school classmates because my mom told me to invite them in the morning. My mother told me not to invite friends because we don't know if we would be having foods for visitors. But in a rush, we had so I decided to ask them to come. I'm sorry to my college friends, but I really didn't know that we would be having a celebration at our house.

It was a fun fiesta. A lot of stalls have been selling their products and good for a month already in the town plaza as I will show in the succeeding photos. But as I have said earlier, many things would be happening tomorrow actually because it is sunday. It was a very tiring day so I haven't got the effort to place watermarks below so If ever you want to use some of the photos, just please ask me, OK? Thanks!
Hope you guys would enjoy my shots below!


An image of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of General Trias, Cavite. Also, to all those towns and cities around the world that are celebrating the feast day of Saint Francis, Happy Fiesta to you!


Stalls that lined up in front of the Town Plaza selling different goods and delicacies from other towns and provinces.


Some of the native delicacies sold in the stalls. The yellow one in the bottom part of the shot is called suman. These are made from glutinnous rice, lihia, and various sweet spices that gave it's blandly sweet flavor. It is very nice to eat dipped in white sugar! Then the brown ones are called kalamay. These are sticky snacks that are made from glutinous rice, grated coconut, margarine, brown sugar and a small amount of peanut butter and vanilla extract. Very yummy! Then there are roasted cashews, barquillos, coco jam and many more. I always screw up on food shots but I hope I did good on this one!



Different clothing products for sale! Shoes, Caps, Toys, Tops and even underwear! Also, house decors such as plates, plastic flowers and other centerpieces!


♥katie♥ said...

me first...

seven...grabeh na SLR na yan...

ang bongga naman eh...

loves it and i mean it...


sa sembreak na ako magbabago ng layout at maguupdate...

keep it up...

Steven (Cavite DP) said...

Thanks Katie!!!!

My camera is not yet SLR! (Dreaming of it of course!!!)

Thanks so much! I can feel that you really mea it! It means to me so much! Thank you!!

God Bless on our exams!!!


JM said...

Nice shots, Steven! I would like to walk along that street and try some of the delicacies for sure!

Que tengas muy buena fiesta maƱana! :-)

mirage2g said...

You've been into this Saints a lot ha. =)

Vicky said...


it's good to see those familiar views! :)

Hilda said...

Your picture and description of the native delicacies got my mouth watering — parang hindi ko alam ang lasa 'no. Hehehe.

Did you also have a pet blessing? Quite a few places here had one today because of the feast day.

babooshka said...

Another educational post for us with a storyboard of fabulous images. Enjoy.

Steven (Cavite DP) said...

jm - muchas gracias mi amigo! Yo soy muy orgulloso por tu comento! God BLess you always!

mirage - Yah! I really am jeje I am just facinated with their faces. Very nice photographic subjects!

vicky - Thank you! I'm sure it's very familiar^^

hilda - Yup we did have a pet blessing this morning but too bad I haven't been there because of cramming for my final project! huh! Thaanks so much for appreciating my post^^

babooshka - Thank you! I am so happy you enjoyed my post^^