Friday, January 30, 2009

I missed everyone!

January 30, 2009

Photo Taken earlier 14:53

First of all, I missed you all so much! I have posted again after more than two months of being busy for our Thesis. I even felt guilty for not sharing you photos during the holiday! I am very sorry but right now, I guess I can get back a bit more often again to blogging!

This photo was shot earlier at my University, DLSU-D, while I was waiting for my cousin. I don't know what kind of plant this is but if you do, your infos will be greatly appreciated! The flowers look thistly and icy but of course, there's no ice here in the Philippines!

I got bored and tried using the camera of my phone. I love macro shots and searched if ever there is a setting for it on my Nokia 3600 but then I haven't been able to see it. But then, I experimented with its auto-focus and shot prematurely on the close-up subject and it did work. My classmates told me that the photo was gorgeous so I got the inspiration to post it right now. By the way, On my next attempts to do that accidental macro shot, I failed and failed. I'll just experiment more on my camera phone again and again!

I am here because we have just submitted the final copy of the first four chapters of our Thesis. It is a System Proposal for a Network Based Payroll on one of the Municipalities here in Cavite. We hope we could pass the Defense scheduled on February 20 and proceed to the next step, creating the actual system.

God Bless us all and I hope to post again very soon! Who knows, I might be here again tomorrow! Hope I still have a slot on your thoughts and accept my appologies for my absences. Happy weekend!


JM said...

Hi, Steven! It's good to have you back and also knowing everything is ok with you! :-)
Beautiful flower shot! I would like to help but have no idea what it is...

Jackie said...

Welcome back Steven, and well done on submitting those chapters! (I'm very jealous!). This is a lovely photo for your return :)

marley said...

Its good to have you back! I hope that this post will give you a taste for what you have been missing all these months and you'll be back tomorrow! If not then not as long as two months!!

Its a great photo for a camera phone. The detail is excellent :)

RJay said...

wow! cool shot.. haha.. and to think thats just in our school.. good luck on our thesis.. haha.. ^^

Hilda said...

Glad to see you back, Steven! Congratulations on finishing the first part of your thesis. Okay lang mawala dahil mahalaga naman ang ginagawa mo. Si Lyra nawal din — pero dahil sa Facebook! ;D

Hope you can continue posting while waiting for the day of your defense. Great shot for a camera phone! I have no idea what the plant is either!

> Vanny < said...

we missyou too steven! =)

Babooshka said...

Good to see you back. I am clueless about flowers, pretty as they are.