Monday, February 02, 2009

Afternoon Glare

February 2, 2009

Photo Shot at 17:20

The photo was taken on the edge of the jeepney on my way home from the University. It is a cold afternoon and even until now while I am typing these, it's still cold in here but it was a clear, fine afternoon earlier as you can see in the photo that was taken by my Camera Phone again. It was a bit blurry for me because the ride was a bit bumpy but I personally love the suns glare on the photo.

It was the First Day of the Midterm examinations and For Computer Science Juniors, Only one exam was scheduled for us, ASP.NET Programming. The exam went well and I just hope that I was not clumsy again this time on my SQL Commands.

Starting today, I will be including in my posts some lessons and random thoughts that I feel for the day. I hope it can help, teach or even inspire us all. Have a great week ahead!

"Try Leaving your Real friends, then you'll find yourself having nothing"


marley said...

I like the glare too. Its nice to have you back again!

Vic said...

hi steven! salamat sa pagdaan sa blog ko. :)

buti naman at may time ka na para magpost. na-miss ko din to ah! hehe! :)

again, another nice shot from you! :)

Babooshka said...

Great shot in transit form a cellphone. The blur conveys the motion.

Hilda said...

Love the wide-open fields you pass through!

Kailangan ko ng SQL teacher para sa staff namin! Puwede ka na? :D