Sunday, September 12, 2010

Grazing along the Streets

September 12, 2010

Photo Shot at Gateway Business Park, General Trias, Cavite

Lovely Horses Graze along the Tree-shaded sides of the street and to rest calmly on a sunny afternoon.

Gateway Business Park at General Trias, Cavite is one of the Largest Industrial Parks in the Philippines. A Number of Barangays have been converted into Factories and Offices to cater Multinational Corporations and have their Plants here in Cavite.

Friday, September 10, 2010

September Skies simply are my Favorite

September 10, 2010

Photo shot at Sunset last Tuesday Afternoon

Since I have started Cavite Daily Photo, I have always been more and more curious and much more sensitive to the scenes around me especially with Nature and the Environment. One thing I have learned is that Sunsets are truly best viewed here in the Philippines during months of March and September. During these Months, Skies are not just Fiery, they're painted with Amazing Indigos and Striking Magentas to Bright Stunning Tangerines.

Just like the photo above, Who would not want to just stare at the sky, Thank God for the Beauty of our World, and Pray that a lot of other people are currently setting their eyes on what you are experiencing at that very moment!

I'm that if you adored my photo above, you would want to see other beautiful views of the skies around the Globe right? So just click on the Skywatch Friday Link : and you surely are bound to a Sky World Tour.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Saint Agustine Parish

September 5, 2010

Beautiful Brick colored walls make up this newly renovated Saint Agustine Parish at Mendez, Cavite. Mendez is a Town located at the Upland Region of Cavite. Just beside Tagaytay City, it enjoys a cool climate all year round. People are truly friendly and very welcoming just like what real CaviteƱos are.

The roads on this Town are very narrow but they are asphalt paved and very nice to all types of vehicles. Its cleanliness is also commended by locals from other Towns and even tourists that pass by the Town.

It's so nice to be back at Daily Photo Blogging! Been busy with the Students and the past Midterm Examinations. But I'm here! And After 2 years since Cavite Daily Photo Began at May 5, 2008 here at Blogger, I now have a new Blog Template/Layout. I hope everybody will have a great Week ahead.