Friday, April 22, 2011


April 21, 2011

Food Carts are very popular along the streets of Cavite. These foodcarts offer different snacks such as Turons (Banana Rolls), Ice Crumble, Meriendas and the most common just as the ones above, Squid Balls, Fish Balls, QuekQuek or Quail Eggs wrapped in flour, and different coolers such as Pineapple Juice and Sago't Gulaman or Cane Juice with Tapioca pearls and Gelatin.

Kids of all ages are very much delighted by the sights of these foodcarts. I can still remember my childhood days that I will insist on buying fishballs on these carts only if the carts are the ones made with Bicycles because I thought that if the cart is cuter, the food is so much tastier. Because before, only a few Carts are made with Bicycles and most of them are stalls that are stationed along the sidewalks. But now, just like Kuya Judy's food cart, most of the foodcarts are now on Motorcycles.

This is by the way my very first post using my "Niko" Nikon D3100 my new and very first DSLR Camera. I have been wanting one since I started this blog and now that I am earning, I guess it is a very good investment for me since I really really want one. Thus I offer all my posts to all my avid viewers here at Cavite Daily Photo and I will continue doing my best to give you the freshest posts from Cavite!


JM said...

Hi, Steven! Food carts are so cool! Now I feel like trying everything you have mentioned here. :-)

Steven (Cavite DP) said...

Hello JM! That is a very good idea! I really hope you try it when you get to the Philippines :)


Misalyn said...

You made me miss Pinas again! Miss ko ang fishballs, halo-halo sa kanto etc.

Enjoy your new camera! keep clicking and keep posting!

Steven (Cavite DP) said...

Misalyn - Hello Misalyn! How are yah! Grabe Misalyn, nagsisimula na po magsulputan ang mga halo-halo stands dito sa atin! The weather's getting so hot these past few days. Tkae note, Hindi pa daw po Summer! Hahahaha

Thank you so much! I will enjoy clicking and posting because you my blogging friends are always there to support! Thank you so much and Mabuhay ka Misalyn! :)