Friday, June 24, 2011


June 24, 2011

Photo above shows ripples on the puddle made by the rain, pouring non stop for days.

Today, the Philippines Celebrate the Feast of Saint John the Baptist or as we call him, San Juan Bautista. Saint John is the cousin of Our Lord Jesus Christ who is responsible for baptizing Him at the River Jordan. In the Philippines, during this 24th of June, people are splashing everyone with water using Water Hoses, Water Guns, Buckets and all the likes to celebrate this fun feast. I can still remember last year on my way to school, I was all dressed up for my afternoon class and then people started throwing buckets of water inside the Jeep so when I arrived at school, I was all drenched up!

Also, rain has been non stop due to Tropical Depression "Falcon" who is still in the Philippine Area of Responsibility at this moment. Classes are suspended, except for my school, due to strong winds, excessive rain that resulted to floods in different areas of the Country.

Water is not just a symbol of Blessing but it is a blessing itself. We should always remember to do our best in saving water because we will truly never know its importance until the last droplet of clean water has been used.

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