Saturday, November 12, 2011

Remembering Mom

November 12, 2011

Every November 1st, Filipino Families flock out to their Family Graves to remember their loved ones and reunite with the whole family in observance of the All Saint's Day. Every Year, I always go to my Grandfather's Grave but this year is a different story.

My Mother died earlier this January 2011. It was a very sad moment for her to leave but in a way it was quite a relief for me as well because I realized that to ask the Lord for more and more years for her to live is very selfish of me because that will mean more years of agony for her through dialysis and all the hurt that her kidney failure is giving her. But of course, I grew close to my mom so I miss her so much! But the fact that she is now with the Lord, free from all sickness and hurt, it does relieve my heart in a way.

I Love you Mommy! I hope you are proud of me! I'll make sure you are and you will be.

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Patty said...

How sweet, your caring and remembering. I'm sure you Mother is very, very proud of you.

Caren said...

We will always miss you, Auntie Ghing. :(

Steven (Cavite DP) said...

Patty - Patty that's very nice of you! I really really am hoping that she is proud of me! I miss her so much... Thank you so much Patty! God Bless you and Abe :)


Steven (Cavite DP) said...

Caren - I know :( I miss her sooo much as well :( Thanks so much Caren! Auntie Ghing loves you so much!

Kuya Seven^^

Hilda said...

No matter how long ago they died or how old I get, I always miss my mom and dad. Not on Nov 1 but on more personally significant dates.

Thank you for the warm welcome back, Steven! I guess you're still too busy to blog everyday, huh?

beth manalo lucero marinas said...

I miss her very much! She's one of the nicest, kindest and caring person I know! I love you Ate Ingging!

beth manalo lucero marinas said...

I miss her very much! She's one of the nicest, kindest and caring person i know. I love you Ate Ingging!

Steven (Cavite DP) said...

Hilda - Thank you so much Hilda! I do miss her the most now that it's Christmas :( Merry Christmas Hilda :D


Steven (Cavite DP) said...

Thank you so much Auntie Beth! She's always with us! I am very sure of that!