Monday, October 20, 2008


October 20, 2006

Photo Shot at 17:17

This is one of our Bougainvillea Plants here at our Garden. This is one of the most famous flowering ornamental plants not just in Cavite but in the whole Philippines.It is said that this flower is native to South American countries such as Brazil, Peru, and Argentina and is popular to regions with warm climate such as Mediterranean Countries, India, Australia, Mexico and states of California, Arizona, Florida and Hawaii. Thanks to wikipedia for the information.

This flower brings me great memories such as when my late grandfather was still alive, he would love to fill up all the walls of our terraces, flower boxes and all the parts of the house that can be planted on. Even parts of our houses have been covered by these beautiful flowering plants that grew somewhat like a vine. And in the months of April till June, the way from our gate to the inner parts are covered with beautiful flowers. If you guys would like, I would try and feature that part of our house sometime!


  1. We have bougainvillea everywhere, as many others non-native plants that have addapted to portuguese climate. They look awesome when blooming and the variety of colours is amazing!

  2. orizu - thanks so much!

    jm - that is so true! Especially the fuchsia colored ones! Oh my! Very beautiful!

  3. Oooh, I love these. They remind me of my holidays in Greece. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. you made it look very beautiful here! galing!

  5. marley - You're very welcome! That is one of my dreams, to see the Bougainvillea while I am in Greece!

    the dong - Salamat po kuya Dong! I really appreciate the fact that you liked it^^

  6. Nice shot. I've never taken pics of my bouganvilla. This ones is nice.

  7. Your site is amazing!! I love your photography!



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