Saturday, April 19, 2008


Photo Shot at 17:54

Well I saw the sunset and it was so beautiful! So i decided to go upstairs to our rooftop and take a shoot of it! Well, I really like going to our rooftop! It's so peaceful and Calm and you can do lot of things! While I was shooting, my mom went there too to gather up and harvest the Sampaguita on the shrubs!

Well, the photo above is a mango sprout or flower under the sunset sky! Why is the Title Beginnings? First of all its about the mango sprout! Beginning a journey of fruitfulness. And, Let me share you what I have read once on an Internet Site: "Sunsets are not endings. If you have enough faith they are beginnings" Well it's very inspiring indeed! If you believe that there is still tomorrow, Sunset's are just beginnings for a new Day ahead! God Bless all of you and Have a wonderful Sunday tomorrow!

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