Wednesday, April 09, 2008

City on the Edge - Cavite City

Photo Shot at 13:26

As I woke up this morning, I thought to myself, what will be my next entry to this Blog? Then my father asked me as I went down to go to our Lumber downstairs, If ever I want to join him on delivering white Sand to Cavite City! Of course! I was so Delighted because unexpectedly, I could have a shot in there! So I rushed upstairs for my camera and went with him to Cavite City. By the way, my grandma owns a Lumber/Hardware Store here in Gen. trias which is now more than four decades and running! Our Driver went home to Bacolod sio my father temporarily is the Delivery Man.

The photo was shot just near the Church in San Roque, Cavite. I was blown away by its beauty. I asked my father about the building. He said that it is the Rojas Clinic. It has been there years ago and he also told me that when he was still going to College in SSC-R, The Upper Floor of this Clinic was once a busy Disco Bar. Today is also Araw ng Kagitingan! So let us pray for the heroes that risked their lives just to give us identity as FREE Filipinos!


jay said...

Thanks for visiting my hometown Cavite City, and i am thankful for featuring our humble city on this blog. Keep on educating minds about our province. More power!

Steven (Cavite DP) said...

jay - You are very much Welcome! I'm so glad you liked my post about your hometown! I have friends there at Cavite City too and everytime I visit it feels very nice and safe! Like I'm in the 90s :) See you back here at our Cavite Daily Photo


His Momma said... your blog, I recently made friends through the internet with someone who lives being able to see it