Sunday, April 27, 2008

General Mariano Trias

Photo Shot just this 20:16

Just right after attending the final Mass at 8 pm, Me, my Friend RJ and My Cousin Judy, We went to the Munomento of our Municipal hero (Where the name of our Municipality was taken from). It was really hard to take this shot but who knew? I got a good one! And I've noticed the effect my cam did to the flag at the right part of the photo! I just want you all to know more about him. Here's a bit of his life's journey thanks to

"Mariano Trías y Closas (October 12, 1868February 22, 1914) is considered to be the first de facto Philippine Vice President of that revolutionary government established at the Tejeros Convention - an assembly of Philippine revolutionary leaders that elected officials of the revolutionary movement against the colonial government of Spain. When that assembly broke into factions, a truce known as the Pact of Biak na Bato was signed by the group and also recognized the elected officials and Trias as the vice president of Emilio Aguinaldo, who is also considered to be the first President of the Philippines. With the promulgation of the Malolos Constitution by the Malolos Convention, the First Philippine Republic was born. Under this Aguinaldo administration, Trias served in the cabinet as the Minister of War.

The Filipino nation expressed its gratitude to General Trias, when the town of San Francisco de Malabon was renamed after him by virtue of Act No. 2880."

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