Friday, May 16, 2008

Burger Attack

May 16, 2008

Photo Shot at 11:23

This has been the latest craze here in Cavite but also in other Places in the Philippines! Buy 1 take 1 Burgers at the cheapest Price! For Just 20 Pesos, you can enjoy 2 regular sized burgers! As merienda(snack) or even for meals, you can enjoy your favorite burger fast and hot! By the way, 20 pesos probably costs US$0.47, €0.30, £0.24 or AUS$0.50! Isn't it cheap? The stalls also serves footlong Sandwich, french fries, softdrinks and juices available but not at buy 1 take 1 denominations. Ok guys, I'll just buy one! Bye!


Hyde DP said...

that is about one sixth of the price in the UK

PS I'm flattered to be addressed as Sir but her majesty hasn't knighted me yet (nor likely to!)

cheers though.

mirage2g said...

This will help the people eat more than just rice therefore helping the lack of rice problem or sort of...=)