Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Cradle of the Republic - Kawit

May 7, 2008

Photo Taken on Site at 10:14

As we went home from the early morning mass at Baclaran, Parañaque (Manila), I ask my dad if we can just go to Kawit so I can feature the Aguinaldo Shrine for this day. He Cordially said yes. (He was so supportive since I got accepted at CDP) So as the very long traffic started near the shrine. I decided to walk along to the Shrine Park. About 200 meters from the start of traffic. So I went out walking, above the bridge, by the gate, just to get a good view. until I finally decided to go closer in front of it to take a glory shot featuring the whole structure.

About the structure: (Forgive me, own info) Aguinaldo Shrine is very important for the Filipino People not just to Caviteños because thre, at that house, the Philippine Independence was declared! After 333 years as a Spanish Colony, we finally found the whole that led us out. Actually not found, but dug the hole by our Heroes. Unfortunately, we still have been conquered by the Americans and the Japanese Regime. Until now it is preserved and is now a museum.

My Banner for Cavite Daily Photo at Blogger was also shot this morning. It was my first stitching attempt of two photos. Thank God, I think, it went out well.


marley said...

Interesting post and a great photo! Nice work with the stitching! Glad you got accepted to CDP :)

the donG said...

we passed by this place two fridays ago when we drop a friend from the area. we went home around 2am and so i was able to get a shot of this at night.