Friday, May 30, 2008

Fly even you can't

May 30b, 2008

Photo Shot at 17:49

This is a Typical Filipino Antenna. Used to catch Television Waves that brings us all the entertainment, education and many other things that makes us updated people not just a bunch of duffers. Me myself am a Television Addict. But I think I can live without it. i think? Okay! i can't!

I love Korean Dramas, NGC Shows (We don't have Cable TV anymore), and most of all, Travel Shows. I think I have emphasized enough through this blog my love and my dreams to travel. I even would like to have a job related to it. If I do love what I'm doing, I always get a good job doing it.

Before I seal this a day, I would like to share you the product of my boredom just this afternoon. I came by my empty sketch pad as I clean my desk earlier so I got a pencil and sketched. I have decided to scribble my ultimate dream place. Do you guys have an idea what country you can find this? Or if you know, the exact place? I hope you can understand my drawing.

May 30, 2008


babooshka said...

The first would have made a brilliant skywatch image.

The sketch is quite good. My partner is a cartoonist so I get to see a lot. It has parts of many places geographically, but it looks like it should be somewhere hot.

LAD said...

Ayos yung antenna. Minimalism to the max, if not with the lower part hehe. Nevertheless napaka husay.

San ka sa Cavite? I hailed form Cavite as well. :) Hilig sa picture ng CaviteƱo hehe.

B said...

Greetings from the US! I came across your blog while doing some research on Cavite. I enjoy your photos very much. I am guessing this sketch is somewhere in Greece?