Friday, May 09, 2008

Hope on a Dark Day

May 9, 2008

Photo Shot just minutes ago at 17:43

I was so pissed of this morning because I have planned what to shot when I go to school as I enroll. But then, while we were on road to La Salle, My father asked me to check my cam. As I grabbed it in my Bag, I found out that the batteries are left on the charger at home! I was about to show the beauty of my University! And as we went home at afternoon, we just rode the bus going home, I was so tired and never felt that I was asleep! Then when I woke up, I suddenly thought that I still don't have a shot to feature this day!

So I rushed out my cam to my Lola's (Grandma) Garden and find a subject. I was so hopeless and is at panic mode till I remember the Kalachuchi plant on the end of the terrace! This flower really was my hope in a bad day like this! Just like the Kalachuchi, We should remain hopeful and as pretty as the flower, even if the sky is at its darkest time!

Kalachuchi grows from these bonsai pots, to towering trees that bloom all year. It is one of my most favorite flowers due to its usual two-tone shade from yellow and fuchsia to white and yellow. In english, it is commonly called as plumeria. It is known to be indigenous to Hawaii but it is really native to Central America from Mexico to Venezuela.


marley said...

Your forgotten battery helped you to take this great photo! Beautiful colour :)

Cavite Daily Photos said...

Thanks Marley! That means a lot^^