Saturday, May 03, 2008

Pinoy 'Cherry Blossoms'

Photo Shot at 15:30

Well, If japan have thier stunningly breath-taking Cherry Blossoms, We have our own Caballero! First Time i saw this Flowering Tree was whenever we pass by Aguinaldo's house in Kawit! Beside it is a Very large Caballero Tree which is truly believed to be haunted. Whenever you see Caballeros so High, You can never say that there's nothing haunted just by it's look! But of course, Just like this part of the tree in the photo that I took in front of The Pamilihang Bayan, Has very numberable leaves and mostly flowers! Caballero ranges it's colors from fiery red, to bright orange and sometimes sunny yellow just like the beautiful April Shower!

I just hope that in fifty years time, The next generations would still experience the feeling I've felt while biking earlier at Palengke and Bayan while these flowers fall on my face when the breeze blew. It really is a very uplifting experience! might sound corny and cheezy but it is so true!


alice said...

Welcome among Daily Photo Blogs!
I've never seen Caballero Tree but, here too, in Western France where I live, Apple trees, Cherry trees, and many other flowerinf trees have been beautiful in April. Now, they've faded...
I wish you a good day!

Cavite Daily Photos said...

thanks alice for your comment! That was my first everc comment here! I'll add a link to your blog in mine^^ Thanks again, God Bless and Come back again^^

pusa said...

welcome to the daily photo community! nice to see fellow pinoy in the portal :)

btw joy of norwich daily photo is also pinoy and she'll be here in manila, will meet her on may 11

so caballero pala ang name ng puno na un hehehehehe, thanks!