Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Please pray for us

May 14, 2008

Photo shot at 17:28

I was about to feature something about the store just near our house when a shocking text message came to my mom's phone. I know it may sound just like another chain message but personally, I don't think so. Here is the complete and exact text message I have to remove the name in the first part:

"From Amb. *** ** *****: Jst got this frm a friend.sending it out jst in case. In fact, felt a tremor at around 5 this morning - Recieved a forwarded message about a predicted 6.8 earthquake will hit philippine plates tonite from the u.s. geological society in hawaii, let's be alert and pray for miracle, please share with others for stronger prayers. from: *** 2:12pm 14/5/08"

We are so bothered because just this past few days, An earthquake magnitude 7.2 hit China and right now, If I'm not mistaken, 10,000 are confirmed dead. Please, not just me, your friend Steven is asking for your prayers but also the whole Filipino Nation and even the countries near our Plate like Palau and Borneo. Thanks so much! Your minute of prayer, combined with a million people praying all together can make a difference! Thank you so much! God BLess and Maraming Salamat mga Kaibigan!

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♥♥♥†Bali†♥♥♥ said...

I am going to pray right now for the Philippines! My daughter in law and 2 step grandchildren were born there. They have family there still.