Friday, May 02, 2008

Viva Santo Bambino!

Photo Shot at 16:59

Today, the prusisyon of the Santo bambino will be held later here at General Trias later at 7 pm. I was so delighted to see the Santo because while biking, I saw my brother at our church (where he is a sakristan for about nearly 20 years already) and saw the carossa with the Saint so I decided to take a shot for CDP!

Santo Bambino or bambino in Italian means baby boy or boy child. The Santo Bambino is always projected in this hug-like pose. One of the Shrines of Santo Bambino that I know here at Cavite is in Naic, situated on it's near edge on the side of Trece Martirez City.


the donG said...

i've never seen a sto bambino yet. when i first saw this, i thought it is the same as the sto nino.

tinkerbell said...

please tell me where i can buy theimage of Sto. Bambino. Thanks!