Wednesday, June 04, 2008

18 years came and gone

June 4, 2008

Photo Exactly shot at 18:00

Well, Eighteen years it has been! The whole day was really great! Not that fun but great because as I went to church in the morning by myself, I somewhat cried because I feel so happy. i don't know what the reason is in particular but I really thanked God for the joy I felt those times. Then as hours passed, hundreds of Text messages, several Birthday Greeting comments at friendster, I became so sad during the afternoon. Because the thing that my parents promised me that we would get this day has been, again, unreal.

I'm not a spoiled brat and I never ask for things just like many other kids. All I ask are things that i really need and can't afford by myself. So I really put my very last trust on them, not actually the very last, I am a very hopeful person, but then again, i was down. I can't do anything else but to just let it go. Nothing will happen if ever I wreck myself. So I just bought a lot of cupcakes and took pictures of it!

To everyone who greeted me, Thank you so so so much for it. Though you may be hundreds, each and every reply I gave everyone was from the bottom of my heart. I really appreciate it. I am so lucky that I am a very appreciative and grateful person because even simple thoughtfulness I've seen, it really is a source of my deep joy and happiness. Those many little joys can really do me good for a very long time, a lifetime I bet.


Denton said...

Happy Birthday Steven ... eighteen is so far in my past I have a hard time relating personally however my children past 18 a few years back and remember their birthdays ... best wishes.

marley said...

Happy Birthday Steven. Don't feel sad today, you area a happy person, with a positive outlook on life. Remember that your parents love you and they too are probably sad that they let you down on this special day.

Ms. Hays said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday! Keep your head up and who knows, whatever it was that you wanted, still may come! Be safe, be happy, & GOD Bless

the donG said...

happy birthday steven!!! lapit lang pala ng birthday natin. pareho din tayong gemini.

astig! and syempre plus ten years nga lang ako. hehehe...

Cavite Daily Photos said...

Denton - Thanks so much! I'm sure those days are happy as welL!

marley - Thanks! You do know what kind of person i am! All you said are true. I'm delighted that my personality shows even here on this blog! Thanks so much!

ms. hays - Thanks ms. hays! here's the shot, we just got home from the mall! They did boight what I really wanted. i'm so happy today! Thanks to them and my grandma and my kuya(brother). Thanks so much for the greeting!

dong - jejeje pareho tayong gemini^^ Kambal jejeje Salamat po sa pagbati!

Chris said...

Happy Birthday, Steven. 18 is a great age, and you sound like you are enjoying life the way you should. Don't be sad! The most important things in life are not things! And, it sounds like you have the most important things: great parents and family, and good friends!

Take care,

Halcyon said...

Happy Birthday!

I guess by legal standards you are now a man. Good luck! :)

Sometimes I don't, sometimes I do said...

Hi Steven,

Belated birthday greetings! 18 must be a great feeling - I remember that it was for me!!

Best wishes!

babooshka said...

I am sorry to be late, but a belated happy 18th birthday. It is a specail time.Your personlaity has definitely shomne through and I was one of the first to see that. I am so glad you got so many bogging wellwishers.

Parents make mistakes too. We are all human. You are a credit to them.

I have been so tied up with the motobikes which is why i haven't been commenting.Now i'm back.

Layrayski said...

Happy birthday fellow Filipino Daily City Photo blogger! (wow what a mouthful) Hope you had a great day despite the initial sadness.